Saturday, 29 May 2010

Riding and Massage Therapy for Horses...

An ongoing programme of great importance to PAF is the therapy and rehabilitation for injured, traumatised and retired horses as well as alternative riding methods which resolve problems for horses and riders. These methods do not include physical or mental domination of either party by the other.

The riding program is based on balance and heart to heart communication between rider and horse. No forceful aids are used; instead the horse is allowed to mirror the strength and weakness of the rider. In turn the rider reciprocally guides the horse to find his or her physical balance and confidence. This method of riding is used as a way of rehabilitation for previously lame or injured horses, as well teaching people a new and deeper approach to the work with the horses.

Along with the riding program there is also a massage program involving approximately 100 horses. In the photos two former polo mares are receiving treatment. The massage is used mainly for treating chronic or acute injuries, but there is also a program for the well-being of old horses, rescue cases and pregnant mares.


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