Friday, 20 January 2012

Hero - A beautiful account by Masa Dajani Grade 5B ACS Amman

A class at the American Community School in Amman were set a piece of homework where they had to write about their Hero.

The piece below was written by Masa Dajani in Grade 5B and is piece which warms the heart and soul and yet again shows us that our children have the answers and hold the keys to a brighter future. Surely we must sit up and listen and give them a chance to make us better human beings...

On behalf of all of us at PAF we invite you to enjoy this beautiful account and we thank you Masa for allowing us to share your message and to learn so much from you.

By: Masa Dajani 5B

My hero is a horse. I chose a horse to be my hero because he is beautiful, and most importantly helps so many kids in need. I love horses for that reason.

In Jordan there is a place called Growing Together that takes kids that have autism to see the horses because the kids can relate to the horses. They make physical contact and emotional bonds that helps the kids cope with their daily life.

When I am upset I go to the stables to see the horses. Horses make contact with your body, making you feel so much better. It is almost like horses are therapeutic because they have a sixth sense and that is seeing through you to help you when your sad. When you are nice to a horse, he will care for you and help you.

People that are lonely and have a hard time making friends can make friends with a horse very easily. Horses have been making friends with humans for over one million years. There is a movie called Black Beauty and it’s about a horse that saved a boy’s life because the boy saved the horse from choking.

There has been lots of children and adults that have been saved by a horse. For example on an island in the Netherlands horses saved people from drowning because they didn't know how to swim and the horses were born to swim.

Horses are heroic to me and lots of other people in the world. The world wouldn’t have as many people without horses. If you are free, go for a horse ride and you will feel what I’ve been feeling. Take a picture of your big smile because you will have one as soon as you put one leg in your stirrup

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