Sunday, 15 May 2016

Moving forward in Petra...

On Monday the 9th of May 2016 the teams working in Petra met at the clinic for an event marking the end of Phase 1 of the Petra project. The project was launched in partnership with the Petra Development and Tourism Regional Authority (PDTRA), Four Paws International and the Princess Alia Foundation.
The working horses of Petra

During Phase 1 a number of areas were addressed. A water canal was constructed to protect the site of the clinic and stables from flash floods, the water will be collected and used throughout the year. Two stable blocks were constructed offering the horses a safe and comfortable place to rest where they would be protected from the extreme temperatures in both the summer and winter months. A number of volunteer vets and farriers and a horse management specialist from both Four Paws and PAF visited Petra where they treated the horses and conducted training and awareness programs for the horse owners and the local community. 
One of the horses enjoying some rest in the newly constructed stables

Adjusting the new harness and modified carriage
The progress has been visible at many levels and it has been a great pleasure to create a solid and positive partnership with all involved and to have earned the trust of the Horse Owners Association in Petra and the local community working with the horses. We look forward to moving forward to Phase 2 where we hope to be able to achieve more sustainable positive change for all involved.
Sheltered rest area for the horses

Certificates of achievement were distributed by HRH Princess Alia Al Hussein to all who completed the various training courses

Ursula Rahm and Bridget Hancock distribute new head collars to the horse owners who showed most improvement in the care of their horses

Local community members


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  3. Please help the hungry and thirsty cats and kittens you have in Petra. They are starving to death, and some of them are sick (one completely blind kitten and one with a broken leg). Letting them live in those conditions is animal cruelty. Nobody provides them with food or even water. The cats are on the steps to the Monastery. They are constantly crying for food. Please help them!

  4. An international animal organisation is trying to help the stray dogs in Jordan which are being sold to Chinese workers in the country where they are tortured, skinned alive and eaten. This is a disgrace to your country. Where are your laws? Why is there no public outcry about this?

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