Sunday, 21 March 2010

A Day At New Hope...

We have told you all about the animals with us at the New Hope Centre, but never the never the engine driving the place! By that I mean the invaluable staff. We are lucky to have found a team of 3 permanent staff members who work all hours to ensure the care and safety of the animals. This team is headed by Riyadh who has a special way with the animals creating trusting relationships and re-instilling within them the fact that they can trust a human being. Along with Riyadh we have Tha'ir and Khalid who tirelessly work to make sure that all the shelters are clean, the enrichment is secure and all animals have fresh water etc...

Along with the permanent staff we have 2 vets from GAM who keep a watchful eye on the health of the animals and the latest member of our New Hope Team is Zain, a 5th year veterinary student who spends every spare minute she has with us and has proved to be a valuable asset to the team.

Without these committed individuals, our lives and those of the animals would be a great deal harder!

Riyadh (left), Khalid (centre) and Tha'ir (right)

Dr. Hussein and Zain treating a hyena pup.

Khalid on another trip back from the skip.

Riyadh busy preparing the morning meal.

Tha'ir helping out with breakfast.

Team work is the secret of New Hope's success!

A big thank you to all those who have helped, supported and dedicated their time to making the lives of the animals at the New Hope Centre a better one.

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