Saturday, 13 March 2010

Just imagine...

The room was small, had hardly any sunlight, no bedding and nowhere to escape the damp and puddles of water which was still there after the rains of the last week. There were puddles of water everywhere and the smell was one of damp and mould mixed with rotting bits of garbage which had been thrown into the room.

Sitting in the corner on the only patch of dry ground, her pride still apparent, not allowing any of this to break her spirit is a beautiful Serval. Her condition was seen to be very poor due to her prolonged diet of chicken feet and heads. She was in one of the local zoos.

The Serval is now at the New Hope Centre and recieveing the proper care and diet she deserves. We are pleased to report that she has adapted very well to her new environment and has plenty of space to move freely and many areas within her enclosure to keep her busy as well as provide her with the feeling safety with many areas for her to hide in.

She spends her days lying in ample amounts of straw in the sun and when it gets too hot for her she chooses to lie under the tree trunks and leaves which we provided her with. She also enjoys watching us come and go and is very interested with the other animals at the centre.

We hope we will be able to provide her with a happy ending and we will keep you posted... 

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