Friday, 23 April 2010

New arrivals...

There is never a dull moment at New Hope, and we are tremendously thankful that we may offer the treatment  to so many of the animals which are in need.

A few months ago there was a little cub in one of the local zoos who was being kept in terrible conditions and his physical state was even worse. He was on the initial list of animals to be confiscated. This is how he was being kept...
This poor little cub was in a bare enclosure, lying on a torn up matress with the horrifying sounds of the games around him and having things thrown at him by the 'visitors' at the zoo. When the team arrived at the zoo they were informed that there was no key. They were then told to move on. two minutes later this poor little cub had disappeared! We have been searching for him since January, our hearts breaking at the thought of where he was being kept.
Perseverence and sheer determination over the past few months has finally paid off! This little cub was finally found and is now nestled in a clean enclosure with lots of things to play with and a nice deep bed of straw!

He has a long process of healing ahead of him - he has no muscle especially in his hind quarters and we have a long way to go with assuring him that he can trust us. For now he is enjoying lying in the sun and playing with the various things we have put in for him and no longer will he hear the sounds of the games and screaming children which so obviously effected him adversely. His main job is to relax and heal!

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