Saturday, 24 April 2010


An injured lion is one who is at risk of infection, attack by the others in the group and may also become more agressive to handlers. This was the case for one poor lioness in one of the local zoos. During a routine inspection of the zoos, the team reported back that there was a lioness with a very bad cut to her front leg.
It was reported that a vet had not been brought in to tend to her wounds but rather her handler had haphazardly tried to stitch up her, not once but three times and each time with no success.
We quickly got into action and negotiated and managed to get her over to New Hope for the treatment she was in need of.
In order to ensure that she would be safe in the enclosure, we had to do some very quick reinforcements to the enclosure which once housed Hope...
Tha'ir getting to work on cutting the tubes.
Ilyas sets about welding the new mesh on the enclosure.

Finally she arrived. Although the wound was deep, thankfully it seemed clean. Unfortunately the fact that the wound is so old it has to be treated as an open wound, as any more stitching will not work.
We quickly settled her in her new home and she immediately dived into the straw and very quickly fell asleep, after inspecting her surroundings, listening to nothing but the sound of the wind and birds around her which is a far cry from the terrifying sounds of the zoo.

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