Saturday, 17 April 2010

Settling in...

We awoke early the next morning anxious to see how the little ones were doing in their new enclosure.

First we passed by Cleopatra who ignored us magnificently! We expected no less. She was obviously pleased with her new home which sits next to a little river, surrounded by trees, with a glorious view of the park. She sat in her new home and after turning her back on us washed herself very deliberately sending us the clear message that she was happy to be here; our job was done!

As for the cubs - there is not much I can say other than the fact that they were feeling very much at home and after a big breakfast set about playing, basking in the sun and harrassing their neighbours! We were very pleased that they did come to us to say good morning, but only very quickly as there was much playing to be done!

The teenagers in the next enclosure are very interested in the new arrivals. Hope and the cubs are very quick to show them that although they may be smaller they are still very 'big' lions and they have no problem going straight up to them hissing and spitting!

As we left them that morning we knew, without a doubt that they would be happy here and looking around Lionsrock it was easy to believe that anyone and anything would be happy here!

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