Friday, 24 December 2010

All about bears...

Earlier this month we were thrilled to be able to move our two bears to their larger enclosures. The enclosures are outdoors encompassing their very own little ponds, and Balou even has a natural cave! The sight was chosen and designed by Stefan Knopfer, from Austria and Ahmad Sardar, and we have to say they have both an amazing job at creating interesting, fun enclosures to keep these two busy.

In order to complete the enclosures, Annelie De Klerk and Herbert came from Lionsrock in South Africa to fix the electric fencing. We enlisted the help of Hani who worked closely with Herbert and learnt how it was done.

Balou (our adult bear) wondered around his enclosure in the evening almost not believing that he was able to feel earth under his paws and spent most of his first night digging up everything he possibly could. The next morning when we arrived to check on him, he was nowhere in sight!! After a few panicked moments we found him settled very happily behind one of the natural bushes in his enclosure. Can you spot the bear!!!

As for little Teddie...he couldn't wait to get out of the crate and explore his new surroundings; born in captivity this is the very first time he is out in nature and it was a joy to see!


After much playing, Teddie found his was to his night room and after rearranging the straw lay down and went to sleep. This was a sight for sore eyes as he had not slept like this since he came to at New Hope.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who made this possible.

We now move on to the construction of outdoor enclosures for the Hyenas and would welcome your help and support.