Saturday, 30 October 2010

Another Chance at life...

It has been a very busy time at New Hope, with a number of new arrivals, but throughout the last few months there has been one animal who has been on our minds and hearts. We were alerted to an adult Syrian Brown Bear in one of the zoos who was exhibiting very bad stereotypical behaviour, especially after the loss of his mate. The teams have been in and out of the zoos, assessing his situation and we have even had a number of individuals expressing their concern for this fine bear.

We are pleased to report that this gentleman has finally taken lodging at New Hope. He arrived at New Hope last week and seemed quiet and quite withdrawn. With the usual quick action and support, Vier Pfoten immediately sent out a bear specialist, Stefan Knopfer, who is a vital member of their Bear Park in Austria. Stefan came over to assist with settling our new guest and also to set about building a large outdoor enclosure. Yet again we are inspired by commitment and support of our partners, Vier Pfoten, and would like to express our thanks and appreciation for all that they continue to do.

Over the past few days that this bear has been with us we have noticed that during the day he likes to curl up in his night room, enjoying the privacy which he has now been afforded, and he is active during the night, where he takes a dip in his bath (literally a bath tub which we installed in his enclosure) and hunts for the food which we hide around his enclosure during the day. This aspect is very important as it provides him with essential enrichment. he has especially enjoyed the fish which we put for him in his water bowl and his bath!

Bears are extremely intelligent animals and need a great deal of enrichment in order to keep mentally happy and stable. We regret that this has not been the case in the past for this one bear, who is withdrawn and very depressed. We are hopeful that with the right amount of enrichment, peace and respect, he may recover and live a happier life with us at New Hope.

As we are trying to give him as much space and privacy as possible we are afraid we do not have many pictures. 

Construction of the new enclosure has started and we would appreciate your support through donations in order to provide these animals with the best life possible. For donations please contact the foundation on

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  1. How inspiring and heartwarming to read. All of God's creations deserve love and respect. The tale of this bear's happy ending made me smile. I want to thank the Princess Alia Foundation and all those who contributed to restoring Teddie's health and wellbeing. I can only imagine what he must have gone through. I have personally seen bears roaming the forests of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and they are truly dignified creatures. A very big thank you again.