Saturday, 2 October 2010

The power of the world works in circles...

PAF was extremely fortunate to have Linda Tellington Jones come and visit and give a workshop on the Tellington Touch.  "The power of the world works in circles" Black Elk as told to John Neihardt. This is the basic movement of the Tellington Touch. You make circles holding your fingertips, your fingers, or your hand in various positions using various pressures. These simple circles are an entrance or a doorway into a whole different dimension of your relationship with your animal, explains Linda.

Linda goes on to explain that the cells that form each living being all share the same universal 'intelligence'. Every cell knows how to be a perfect part of a feather, a twig, or a paw. It knows its function in the universe. It is the circular movements you make with your fingers or hands which stimulates these cells making them work to their optimal capacity reminding them of how they should work and allowing them to heal the body. This is true of both animal and human as we witnessed first hand!

During her time here in Jordan Linda gave a workshop where she focused on the TTouch with horses. We saw one of the most challenging horses in the stables respond to Linda's gentle touch as she identified the areas of his body which were giving him pain. She then went on to ride him beautifully again using her method. The look on the horse owners face was one of awe, as he saw his challenging charge respond and work with Linda while he looked relaxed and happy!

Linda also worked on a number of other animals and with each one we witnessed the same communication and bond we had seen develop with the horses. We were even lucky enough to have her sort out some of our own aches and pains!

All round, it was a great success and we cannot even begin to express our thanks to this remarkable human being who not only travelled the world to be here with us and share her method, but donated all the proceeds of the workshop to the Princess Alia Foundation. I for one am convinced of the positive effects of TTouch and you will often catch me practising TTouch with the animals I come in contact with!

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