Friday, 29 October 2010

Lions & Tigers... Now Bears oh my!!

Last week the teams were assembled for another zoo inspection, which they do regularly, in order to ensure the health and safety of the zoo animals, as far as possible. On their routine inspection they came across a sight which will haunt all of us for years to come. In a tiny enclosure, no more than 3m by 3m they found a 9 month old bear cub. He was sitting in his stark enclosure knawing at his own paw. It is known that a bear can actually chew off his own paw through frustration, depression etc and the bear expert on the team was fearful for this little one. After the vet inspection, immediate recommendations were issued that the bear be removed from the zoo in an attempt to save its life.

The letters were issued and signed by the authorities and within a few hours the teams were assembled again for the confiscation and they set off on their rescue mission at 5pm the same evening. A couple of hours passed and we feared the worst until we received a phone call saying that he had been loaded and they were on their way to New Hope.

the truck pulled in to new Hope at 9pm and as the doors of the transport opened we were met with the site of a terrified little brown bear pacing in his crate. It was obvius that the confiscation of this little one would in fact save his life. We settled him quickly in his new enclosure where he immediately set to work exploring, playing and eating anything and everything in site! That night we had to tear ourselves away from him hoping that he would have a good night and we looked forward to the next day of play!

Arriving at New Hope the next morning, we were met with call from little Eddie, which he is now called, as he waited for his playmates, and we set to work installing a paddling pool and some new toys. The pictures say it all...

There is much work to be done with Eddie to ensure that he leaves behind his terrible experience and we are hopeful that he is on the right track. We will keep you updated with pictures and his progress.


  1. You made my Friday morning!
    So much respect to you all!

  2. Thanks for the great work you are doing !
    These kind of zoos should be closed.
    They are terrible for the animals, and
    what are the kids learning,who are visiting ?
    Only, how NOT to treat other creatures.

  3. The photos say it all! This really made me tear up. I'm so happy for him. God Bless you.

  4. wonderfull pictures and some very good work in progress, if this service is provided free of charge, where does the funding come from to keep it all going?

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  6. Dear Barb,

    Thank you for your interest and support. All services are offered free of charge by the Princess Alia Foundation and we rely on the donations of those who support us in order to keep the projects running.